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The Purity Lace Designs story is a compelling one. When Gold Coaster Hayley Van Twest needed a special holiday outfit, she felt she was met with a lack of options suited to her needs and style. After pleading with her mother Tamara, who had not picked up a needle in 30 years, to create something special, the pair dreamed up a design that would fuel an entire brand. Inspired by some leftover vintage lace, Tamara created a simple kaftan. Following feedback from Hayley, who felt it was too sheer and short, Tamara added a lining and trim of lace. That is how the ‘Hayley Dress’ was born.

The Hayley Dress was regularly met with the comment, “where can I buy it?”, which led Tamara and Hayley to wonder if they were onto something big. With designs in hand, Hayley set up a stall at the Broadbeach Markets. Within hours, the mother daughter duo’s stock had sold out. For four years, the pair built up Purity Lace Designs. They have celebrated success with 100 resellers and a 300 per cent growth in the past six months. The pair can proudly state that they have maintained independence in their brand.

Their aesthetic is simple — “gently feminine” as Tamara describes it. That gentle feminine aesthetic has inspired the design of garments in lace and crochet. The Purity Lace Designs range is vintage inspired with modern sensibilities with a wearable and romantic touch. Tamara and Hayley create flattering pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, tops and throw-overs in white, cream and coffee tones.

The brand creates styles suitable for all ages, all sizes, all year round. Their range can be worn in summer, offering swimsuit throw-overs and translates over to winter with the help of full length pants, floor length dresses and more. But the brand’s versatility does not stop there. The modern bride can pair her Purity Lace Designs Handmade Garter with elegant styles like the Santorini and Moroccan dresses. A holidaymaker will find joy in crocheted shorts, glamorous wide legged pants and cuts of lace, each eliciting luxe effortlessness.

Purity Lace is introducing a new sense of ease to the wardrobe in more ways than one. Each body type is accounted for in the contemporary range with elastic waists, sheer and layer friendly tops and varied lengths. The stretch lace and light materials are more than comfortable; they are easy care, coming with simple wash and hang instructions.

Purity Lace Designs is a family business with a local mindset ensuring that products are well suited to the Australian lifestyle, no matter the weather or dress code. Many fashion savvy shoppers are faced with a challenge of locating clothes that are local, well designed, comfortable and stylish. Purity Lace Designs acts as a solution to that challenge. One that is attracting valued customers nationally. Purity Lace Designs’ range can be found online and in pop-up stores across Australia.

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Words by Toni Johnson-Woods
Images by Purity Lace Designs 

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